Thursday, 26 July 2012

How toKnow if Your Aluminium Windows and Doors Need Maintenance

The biggest benefit with aluminium windows and doors is that they are not much demanding about their maintenance. Most people therefore don’t pay much attention to them after once they are installed. If you follow the same trend, you are actually reducing their life. It is true that aluminium windows and doors need less maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they will run smooth without any care. Though there is no specific time frame to be followed, but you can do it periodically or whenever you feel there is a need. Now, how will you know when your windows and doors are craving for maintenance? Well, here are few symptoms that indicate that this is the right time.

When the surface accumulates dirt. Frequency, with which the surface will accumulate dirt or other environmental deposits, solely depends on where your house is located. Industrial or geothermal areas are more likely get dirt.

When doors and windows turn stiff. This is quite common for fixtures which are not used frequently. They become stiff and cause friction when opened or closed, and often result into creepy noise.

When locks turn harder to use. When doors and windows not used for prolonged time or locks not being used too frequently, the function of bolts and latches is hindered by dirt and grit that build up over a course of time. The deposits make the keys harder to turn.

When bifolding fittings turn stiff. The culprit can be debris accumulated in the track, brush piles or drain holes in the lower frame. When tracks are not cleaned up with vacuum cleaner on regular basis, dirt and other tiny tings get stuck in the track causing hindrance in the path of roller.

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