Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Applying wall covering in six easy steps

If you are planning to cover your wall with wall coverings yourself, to save some bucks then you need to know the best yet easiest ways to do it. Following the process in steps can ease off much of your job. Use these handy tips to carry out your internal wall covering job in the easiest possible way.
1.    The very first step is to prepare your wall to apply the paper smoothly and evenly. Make sure you clear out every single bit of stain before you start up your work. For best clean walls, wash it off with plain water and sponge, use detergent if needed.
2.    Next, cut your wall paper leaving some extra edges. This will allow you start wall covering in a sequence and will be helpful too if anything else is being used other than just wall covering.
3.    Make a paste to glue the papers on the wall. If you have bought ready made glue, you simply need to mix water with the mixture as directed. Or else if you are making it by your own, mix alum and floor in a bowl placed on flame, stir and add water regular interval to make a thick paste. After it cools mix few drops of clove oil.  Mixture it ready.
4.    In this step you simply need to spread glue at the back of the wall paper and apply evenly using large paint brush. Apply with soft hand so that the paper doesn’t get damage. For safety, fold the printed side inward.
5.    Now comes the hanging part. Start hanging wallpapers from the middle of the wall. Mark the point from where you started, because this should be your ending point too. First hang the top of the paper then the rest of the part.
6.    Touch up the finishing part by smoothing out the areas where you spot lumps. Trim off the extra part of the wall paper from the bottom using a ruler.

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